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In the 80’s, in New York City, the teenager Anthony “Tony” lives in Little Italy and works making pizza dough in a pizzeria. He goes to a nightclub, where he meets the gorgeous Chinese teenager Tye and they dance together. However the Chinese street gang led by Tsu Shin chases him, but he is saved by the Italian gang led by his older brother Alberto “Alby”. Meanwhile Tsu Shin decides to blow-up a Chinese restaurant in Little Italy with two other gang members against the will of Yung Gan, who is Tye’s brother and real leader of the gang. His action provokes the wrath of Mr. Gung Tu, who is the lord of the Chinese mafia. On the other side, Alby, his right arm and friend Mercury and their gang decide to go to Chinatown in reprisal to the Chinese attack and the Italian mobster Enrico Perito warns them to respect the boundary of their neighborhood since there is a mafia agreement of the leaders. However Tony and Tye fall in love with each other and keep secretly seeing each other in the middles of the conflict between gangs with tragic consequences.

Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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