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Kongi’s Harvest (1970)

Kongi’s Harvest (1970)

85 minutes

Country: NigeriaSwedenUSA

Director: Ossie Davis

Actors: Dapo AdelugbaFemi JohnsonNina Baden-SemperOrlando MartinsRasidi OnikoyiWole Soyinka

Genres: Drama

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Movie plot

President Kongi (Wole Soyinka), the dictator of an African developing nation, is trying to modernize his nation after deposing King Oba Danlola (Rasidi Onikoyi). The different tribes are resisting unification, so he tries to reach his goal by any means necessary, including forcing government officials to wear traditional African outfits and seeking advice from the man he deposed. He demands tribute from Danlola in the form of a yam, an important food in the culture. Danlola’s former lover Segi brings the dictator the head of her father as sacrifice.

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