Man with a Gun (1995)
4.8 IMDB Rating

Man with a Gun (1995)

(Man with a Gun)
  • Release Year
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  • Film Süresi 91 min
Writer Hugh C. Rae (novel), Laurie Finstad-Knizhnik (screenplay)
Take a walk on the dark side with hired gun John Hardin. When Hardin's boss, powerful mobster Jack Rushton puts a contract out on his scheming and sexy wife Rena, Hardin confronts an assassin's worst fear-having to kill his own lover. Rena is counting on having Hardin kill her twin sister instead, but she didn't count on Hardin having a conscience. And when he refuses to murder an innocent woman, he finds himself trapped between lust and loyalty in a deadly game of blackmail, betrayal and brutality.