The Bongs Again (2017)
5.9 IMDB Rating

The Bongs Again (2017)

(The Bongs Again)
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  • Film Süresi 116 min
Writer Anjan Dutt, Joy Ganguly (original story)
10 years after The Bong Connection, The Bongs Again is a journey of two young women. Sara, in her 20s, comes to Kolkata from the UK to look for her biological mother. Oli, also in her 20s, goes to London from Kolkata in search of her father who had left her and the family. The story takes us through their journeys, the connections they make, and the pursuit of finding their blood relations. The Bongs Again is fun-filled but with insights which change the way we perceive life. The film depicts today's cosmo Calcuttans and NRI Bengalis, their lifestyle, thinking, and approach towards life.